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Medical students raise voice against brutality

With the #StudyForMed initiative, we provided a platform to over 1.5 lakh medical students in India to voice their opinions against the brutality. This initiative was also featured in the Times of India and the Deccan Herald, Bangalore editions.

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Ace your exams in the pandemic with the best medical learning app

Confused about where you can find an app that has it all? Try the MediMagic App, and you can learn all your favorite pre-clinical and para-clinical subjects with the click of a button.

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How to study medicine online during a pandemic?

Here are some amazing tips to learn medicine at home during the pandemic. Understand complex concepts easily by watching online medical education videos on the MediMagic App. Download now.

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Who can use the MediMagic App?

MediMagic is the best 3D medical app in India. we receive questions from students asking if the MediMagic App will be helpful for them in their chosen field of studies. Hence, we made a short guide on who can use the App.

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How does plasma therapy help in treating people with COVID-19?

As plasma therapy is becoming increasingly popular, we give you an overview of all the basics and more of plasma therapy. If you are planning to donate plasma, this is your go-to guide.

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Asthma: What are the causes, types and triggers of asthma?

Asthma is one of the most prevalent respiratory conditions that affect people. In this blog, learn about the causes, triggers, types and treatment of asthma. We also explore the relation between COVID-19 and asthma complications. Read now.

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How do online medical videos help you learn better?

Our videos have scientifically backed evidence of being better than textbooks and better in terms of other video providers. If you want to experience the magic of 3D videos for yourself...

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Insulin: What are types, benefits, and ways to administer it?

Know why insulin is considered a miracle drug with this blog. We deep-dive right from its history to the functions, types and alternative medicines for insulin. You can even catch a glimpse of some drawbacks of insulin. Read now.

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Why MediMagic is the best medical app for medical students?

MediMagic App is the best medical app for medical students to stay ahead in class. The App also provides some amazing, motivating notifications that can help you stay inspired...

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Smoking: How it became ‘cool’, its effects and implications on mental health

Did you know that smoking was initially promoted as a healthy lifestyle choice? Read about the history of smoking, its prevalence in India and the effect of second-hand smoking in this blog. We also talk about the mental health problems associated with smoking. Read now.

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Heart diseases: a peek into the biggest killer and tips to lower the risks.

Coronary diseases are the largest cause of death worldwide. In this blog, we explore how you, as a medical student, can improve the scope of an accurate diagnosis and provide effective treatment. We also inform you about the emergency management methods in this blog. Read now.

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5 budget-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts for medical students

This Valentine’s day shower the love with a few well thought, unique gifts that can make their medical journey a memorable one. We will help you with some gift ideas ...

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