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How AI is transforming healthcare - from diagnosis to treatment

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to radically alter the field of healthcare. From cancer diagnosis to surgical robots, read the latest developments of AI in healthcare on this blog.

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Understanding the mental health crisis in India and other countries

Is mental health truly receiving the spotlight that it deserves? Globally, 20% of young people experience mental disorders. Read about the alarming statistics in India and worldwide with this blog.

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Online Medical Videos- MediMagic

Our videos have scientifically backed evidence of being better than textbooks and better in terms of other video providers. If you want to experience the magic of 3D videos for yourself...

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MediMagic Course Guide- Learn with 3D medical Videos

In this blog, we are giving you a complete guide to all the courses that are offered on the MediMagic app. This way, you have adequate information to plan out your study schedule and most importantly - revisions!

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Medication that can cause water retention

Water retention is medically termed as edema or fluid retention. NSAIDs, oral contraceptives and other drugs cause water retention in the body. Learn about the complications, prevention options and more from this blog.

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How to prevent age-related muscle loss?

Muscle loss is an aging factor that's rarely discussed. Check this blog and know all about age-related muscle loss- symptoms, causes, risk factors and prevention.

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Best Medical App for Medical Students- MediMagic

MediMagic App is the best medical app for medical students to stay ahead in class. The App also provides some amazing, motivating notifications that can help you stay inspired...

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How to crack NEET-UG in a month? Tips from toppers

Being in the medical education field for over six years, we have helped thousands acing their exams. Here are some amazing tips that we have collated from NEET-UG and med school toppers that are guaranteed to help you.

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Medical students raise voice against brutality

With the #StudyForMed initiative, we provided a platform to over 1.5 lakh medical students in India to voice their opinions against the brutality. This initiative was also featured in the Times of India and the Deccan Herald, Bangalore editions.

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Ace your exams in the pandemic with the best medical learning app

Confused about where you can find an app that has it all? Try the MediMagic App, and you can learn all your favorite pre-clinical and para-clinical subjects with the click of a button.

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How to study medicine online during a pandemic?

Here are some amazing tips to learn medicine at home during the pandemic. Understand complex concepts easily by watching online medical education videos on the MediMagic App. Download now.

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Who can use the MediMagic App?

MediMagic is the best 3D medical app in India. we receive questions from students asking if the MediMagic App will be helpful for them in their chosen field of studies. Hence, we made a short guide on who can use the App.

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