Complete Preclinical and Paraclinical 3D Medical Videos

MediMagic Course Guide- Learn with 3D Medical Videos

It’s not an easy task to make a decision that will change your life around, completely. Studying in med school is possibly more challenging than the preparations you have to make for any other career. Hence, you need to have the best resources in hand to help you ace your studies. 

In this blog, we are giving you a complete guide to all the courses that are offered on the MediMagic app.  This way, you have adequate information to plan out your study schedule and most importantly - revisions! For those who are new to our blog, here’s a little bit of clarity on who we are and what we do. MediMagic is an online medical learning platform. We help medical, dental, AYUSH and other healthcare students to learn medicine in a fun and interesting manner with our stunning 3D videos.

The MediMagic community is growing every day - our current number is somewhere on the upwards of 1.5 lakh medical students. If you want to be a part of this community of inspired medicos, download the MediMagic App from here.

Now that you have a brief idea of what the MediMagic App is, let’s take a look at the content in the app.


MediMagic Course Guide


Topics covered on the MediMagic App

The app has more than 500 videos in high-definition 3D, to help medical students ace their studies. The videos can be divided into preclinical and paraclinical sections. 

Under the preclinical category, you have the following courses-

1.  Anatomy

2. Neuroanatomy

3. Embryology

4. Histology

5. Biochemistry

6. Physiology

Under the paraclinical subjects, you have these courses-

1. Microbiology

2. Pathology

3. Pharmacology

4. Forensic medicine

3D videos under the clinical category will be released soon on the app.

New study routines: better learning methods

As a medical student, you have to tweak your study habits as you transition from first year to the fifth year. Somewhere after your second year, your study time will slowly start getting replaced with clinical work. Hence, you’ll have to adopt new ways to study.

A lot of your learning during clinicals will be from that experience itself. Reading and understanding about your patients, listening to the residents and attendees, and witnessing how medical care is done in real life. You’ll probably hear this phrase “learn from your patients” a lot more during this time.

To help you stay ahead during your clinicals, MediMagic has many clinical reasoning videos on the app. The videos are disease-based and can be easily found within the first 30-40 seconds at the start of the video. Listening to these clinical reasoning videos will make you more aware of your patients’ conditions, and thus provide a faster and more efficient way to diagnose their diseases/conditions.

Keep your test-taking skills sharp. Many students will read through questions or flashcards during their short breaks between patients. However, in the hustle-bustle of a hospital environment, a focus-oriented learning approach hardly works. We recommend glancing at 3D videos instead. This way, you can simply plug-in your earphones and play the video that you want to revise on the spot. To make this even simpler, you can always download the videos when you are connected to the wifi, and simply learn from those videos when you’re in the hospital. The key here is making the most efficient use of the fragments of time you have, and learn easily.

We hope this course guide and these tips help you get better at diagnosing your patients and stay ahead of your syllabus. If you haven’t downloaded the MediMagic App already, click on the button below to download.

PS - you get a free 14-day trial of the app if you are a new user.


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