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Are you aware of how much time medical students are spending on preparing their notes, rather than studying medicine? They often find it arduous to fact-check and curate information from various platforms as part of their study routine. At MediMagic, we believe students should be more invested in learning the concepts in an engaging manner, along with focusing on acquiring pieces of information from multiple sources. Hence, we have created a personalized learning platform that is competency-based, with highly authentic content curated by experts. MediMagic uses proven teaching strategies, coupled with advanced technological systems in order to produce engaging medical video content. In short, we are taking our medical students on the path toward mastery.

What are the unique features of MediMagic?

Stereoscopic 3D videos:

Right off the bat, our existing MediMagic users will tell you about how much they love our video content. This also happens to be one of our most important features. MediMagic’s videos use stereoscopic 3D technology, providing an extensive in-depth perception and immersive experience to the learners. The videos allow students to connect academics to real-world applications.


We take pride in the authenticity of the content that we provide via MediMagic. Our team of certified medical experts from various streams of medicine, collaborate with each other, to critically review the content before it is provided to our learners.

Faculty reviewers provide learning objectives and content that is then supported and extended through interactive media. MediMagic maps to learning objectives for current curricula by discipline and topic-related content. All material is presented at levels that are easy to follow with logical sequencing, creating the bridge needed between topics for students to achieve success.  

A wide range of topics are covered under the following categories:  

1. Pre-clinical  

2. Para-clinical  

3. Clinical (coming soon)

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The medical field is an ever changing and dynamic one. We take it as our responsibility to update our learners with the latest information in their curricula. Hence, the existing content is continually reviewed for updates and accuracy by our internal ‘Content Review Committee’. Additions and updates are announced to subscribers through the ‘Bolt-icon’ notification feature on the Homepage of the MediMagic App, and by email so that students and faculties can return to these topics for the latest information.  

MediMagic for Institutions:

MediMagic does not limit its use to students but also extends its features to institutions. From a teaching perspective, all MediMagic content is available to clip, annotate, and embedded in learning management systems. The faculty can front-load content, annotate in a didactic environment, and post information on the learning management system for students to access later. The platform is user-friendly, with simple but effective icons and descriptions for buttons and links to content.

A mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices, providing study on-the-go features, as well as allowing listening to content while offline. Our educational app aims to help students learn and retain the voluminous information needed to pass those tricky medical boards. The notes that are available on MediMagic, were developed in conjunction with the Medical Council of India.  It combines two education concepts: quick, periodic reviews; and absorption of study material through high yield visuals. Subscriptions for single users are available at very reasonable prices and can be accessed at MediMagic. Institutional pricing is available upon request.  


MediMagic is a strong choice for medical, dental and AYUSH students, who are looking for personalized studying resources for their boards and clinical programs. We are proud to be getting a step closer towards our vision of making medical learning highly engaging for students. The subscription plans are affordable for both individuals and institutions.

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