5 budget-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts for medical students

Best valentines day gift for medical students and doctors

2020 has been a stressful time, especially for medical and other healthcare students. Stressful schedules, studying online, volunteering for COVID duties, and writing those never-ending exams. You can brighten the lives of your classmates and friends, by showing how much you care for them. This Valentine’s day shower the love with a few well thought, unique gifts that can make their medical journey a memorable one. We will help you with some gift ideas that won’t dig a hole in your pockets.

1. Pun-ny, medical T-shirts

Who doesn’t love a nice comfortable t-shirt with hilarious medical puns (we all do)? Gift your friends or your significant other some light-hearted, ‘humerus’ t-shirts that they can strut in. These customized t-shirts will make any med student go ga-ga over you!

Best Gift For Medical Students- Medico Tshirt

2. Funny or inspiring coffee mugs

If you are a medical student, chances are that you might be turning to coffee more than water (this is also a reminder to hydrate yourself)! So, give yourself or your caffeine-addicted friends these quirky mugs that they can drink from, and take a break from all that studying.

Best Gift for Medical Students and Doctors- Mug

3. Water bottles

If your friend struggles to drink water throughout the day, then this gift is the perfect one for them!

Everyone loves a custom-made bottle, so why not gift one to your loved one this Valentine’s day season? They are perfect for any study session or during residency duties. They are made of metal, hence being environmentally-friendly too. Hydrating is #essential, so why not do it in style?

Best Gift for Medical Students- Bottle

4. Hoodies

A warm, snuggly hoodie is everybody’s obsession. Touted as the number one cause of thievery, girlfriends are always guilty of snuggling in bae’s oversized hoodies. After a couple of sightings, they’ll disappear into our wardrobes and be worn on every occasion. It’s like all boyfriends know it and hate it but internally find it super cute so, all in all, a pretty good deal. Hoodies are also superfluid when it comes to styling them. You can wear them on jeans or shorts, they work effortlessly every time, and require minimal effort!

Best Gift for Gift Hamper- Hoodie

5. Notebooks

Notebooks are a great place to organize your daily tasks, study/exam schedules, and pen down thoughts. But why do it on any other notebook, when these fun notebooks can even motivate your medio friends to stay on top of their game? Compliment these notebooks with some beautiful bookmarks.

Real book lovers know that bookmarks are one of the most fun and collectible products for book lovers in the world. A reason why true book lovers adore bookmarks is that they prevent terrible book mutilation such as dog-eared pages, making marks on the corners with pen or marker. A bookmark keeps a book looking nice and clean no matter what page you’re on. Even if your significant other isn’t a book reader, they can use these while studying from their notes for exams.

Best Gift for Medical Student- Notebook

Wondering where you can find these products? Introducing the limited edition Valentine’s Day gift boxes! Gift boxes have the potential to make gift-giving magical. Filled with a collection of themed items, the perfect gift box can deliver more joy than the sum of each component. In fact, some surveys suggest memorable gift boxes can strengthen relationships. Maybe that’s because gift boxes demonstrate that you know and care about someone enough to find multiple items that speak to their personalities, interests, and needs.

Customize every present into a specially curated gift box that you can send to your loved ones, anywhere in India. Check out these gift boxes:

The 'Pamper With That Hamper’ gift box:

This gift box is everything that a medico needs. Get customized hoodies, t-shirts, mugs, bottles, tot-bag, and stickers. Keep the student in your life on the straight-and-narrow with a box that keeps them supplied with inspirational notebooks and bookmarks - all this merch packed in one gift box. This gift box is the ultimate way to appreciate your medico friends or partner, while still keeping it fun and playful.

best Gift Hamper For Medical Student

The ‘Time To Patch Up’ gift box:

What’s the next best thing after the ultimate gift box - it’s the xx gift box! Get a med themed t-shirt, a mug, a bottle, stickers, and bookmarks in this gift box. A great way to show your support and add a little charm to any dorm room or at-home study space, with the XX gift box.

Best Valentines Gift For Medical Student

The 'For The Forgetfuls’ gift box:

Looking for a great gift that's budget-friendly and perfect for a budding medico? This gift box consists of a T-shirt, notebook, stickers, and bookmarks - all med themed, to keep them inspired throughout the year.

Best Gift For Medical Students

This Valentine’s Day, we have the 3 best gift boxes for medical students - helping you to get through all your days at university. Whether you need a pick-me-up, a little ‘home-love’ or just want to be the trendy one who has the cool notebooks in the seminar rooms - we have it all here. This Valentine’s day, gift one of these boxes to yourself or your loved ones.

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