The Best Medical App For Medical Students- MediMagic

Medicine is one of the most respected professions in the world. However, there are some really obvious hardships on the road of becoming a doctor. A never-ending curriculum, infinite medical terminologies, dealing with health issues arising due to anxiety and stress, and many more. We are always told that ‘hard work pays off’, but having some of the ‘smart working skills’ can help you get through this time in a more undemanding manner.

For all its wonders, med school can be a battleground, where everyone is fighting to be the best of the best. Every student has their own way of studying. You just have to try and test-out a few methods that bring out the best in you (and gets you the amazing scores)!

Finding the right resources

One of our tried and tested methods of learning effectively starts with the right resources. We recommend you to diversify the way you learn. Sticking to the same resources like text books, notes, flash cards, mnemonics, can quickly get monotonous or confusing.

A new way of learning that’s picking up in the last few years is the audio-visual method. Over the past few years, videos are being widely used in classrooms for supporting a teachers curriculum and helping students learn the material faster than ever. Studies show that at least 94% of the teachers who use videos during the academic year have found it to be quite effective in helping students learn. It is even better than teaching students through traditional text-books. Toppers of medical schools swear by using videos over textual material to remember subject information for longer. This brings us to MediMagic - which is India's best medical app for medical students.

Why is MediMagic better than other apps?

Now that you know the importance of learning using videos, let’s dive deep into why MediMagic is the best medical app.

1. World-class 3D videos

The MediMagic App has one of the best 3D video animations in the world. The stereoscopic 3D videos make learning feel like a real-life practical class. They not only make learning easy, but also an incredibly fun and interactive way of remembering information.

2. Accurate information at every step

We take a lot of pride in our videos, not just for the animation but also for the quality it possesses in terms of 100% verified information. The content goes through a series of medical experts who validate the information.

Hence, students never have to worry about fact-checking information once they study from the MediMagic App.

3. All subjects in one App

One of the major challenges that students face is searching for information through various websites on the internet, 2-3 textbooks, notes of friends and seniors, and more. This hustling often stresses out students and makes them lose out on their precious time. The MediMagic app can curb this situation, by providing all information in one place.

The App has the following subjects -

- Pre-clinical: anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, embryology, neuroanatomy, histology

- Para-clinical: microbiology, pathology, pharmacology, forensic medicine

- Clinical (coming soon)

4. Promotes self-study

One of the biggest pros of having the app is - you can study whenever and wherever you want. Waiting for a friend? Traveling somewhere? Standing in a long que? Just glance through the App and stay in a constant headspace.

The app also gives you the freedom to stay ahead in class. You can always watch the videos before class and stay prepared. The same applies to when you wish to revise a topic again. To summarize, your MBBS syllabus is at your fingertips.

5. Affordable subscription plans

The app currently boasts about 100K+ active users every day. Quality content, extremely engaging 3D animations and affordable pricing makes the app an instant favorite among many students. Check out the pricing plans here.



MediMagic App is the best medical app for medical students to stay ahead in class. The App also provides some amazing, motivating notifications that can help you stay inspired and charged up to be more productive. Sign-up to MediMagic and access your FREE 14 day trial today.

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