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Bringing about a paradigm shift in medical education. Taking learning a notch higher.

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medimagic S3D™

Nothing beats this. Breathtaking Stereoscopic 3D.

Stunning depth perception and multi-angle visualization for an unparalleled learning experience.


World's first stereoscopic medical educator aligned to the curriculum with a seamless, authentic, high-resolution, and real-like 3D animations.

- Powerful content with maximum visual immersion

- Audio and visuals resulting in higher retention span

- Connect to learners at an individual level

- Pre-learning with S3D makes your classes more interactive


- 3D DLP® Laser Projector

- Silver Screen

- 3D Pro-Display

- 3D Glasses

- Pro Audio Equipment

- S3D™ e-Link Server

medimagic XLMS

The real institutional power lies here.

Inclusive learning ecosystem with a tailor-made extended LMS for medical education.


Built on a learning platform focused on collaborative learning. The perfect transition to online teaching with the brand new medimagic XLMS.

- Go live, schedule online video classes, and record sessions without leaving the XLMS

- Monitor student engagement, attendance, and review their academic performance.

- Online formative assessments with notes, presentations, and tests for effective self-directed learning

- Comes with all of medimagic's course-content, including videos, notes, and tests.

Institutions can add unlimited custom courses, tests, and notes.


Master the learning of medicine with our
most feature-packed creation yet.

Complex is now Easy

Rich 3D visuals that are designed by experts, structured to simplify learning and help ace your exams.

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Clear, concise content

Engaging curriculum-based content that covers Pre, Para, and Clinical+ courses giving you an unfair advantage to ace your class tests and elevate your scores in competitive exams.

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Access anytime, anywhere

No matter where you are, your medimagic Mobile app lets you learn online or offline, anytime, anywhere. Unlimited access* to download all videos onto your device.

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Enhance your memory

Stunning visuals with simple text, animated arrows and voiceover audio result in effective understanding and memory retention. High-yield notes and practice tests stimulate enhanced revision.

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Join the community of over 100,000 medical students

and immerse yourself in the world of interactive medical learning

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“It is superb! MediMagic is one of the best medical education tools that ever exists as of now, anywhere in the world.” 

Dr Sheldon Schuster

President, Keck Graduate Institute, California, USA

“This technology is revolutionary for medical education in the country, providing hands-on training to students of surgery.” 

Dr NK Venkataramana

Neurologist & Founder, Brains Neuro Spine Hospital, India

“Changing the face of medical education in the country.” 

Nitindra Bandyopadhyay

Bangalore Mirror

“The animations help the student comprehend the intricacies of the subject in a much better way, and the knowledge so gained is long lasting.”

Dr V Balasubramanyam

Professor and Head, Department of Anatomy, St. Johns Medical College

“A new phenomenon in medical teaching technology and a definite help to medical teachers.”

Dr Kajal Mitra

Dean, NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur

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