How to study medicine online during a pandemic?

As first-year medical students, we often try to envision our next year in medical school. How will I learn the other subjects in the next semester? Will I get to interact with patients? When I do, will I have enough knowledge to diagnose and treat them? These thoughts are terrifying yet exciting, all at the same time.

However, here we are, in the present time, and everything is much different from what we imagined. The world is still in distress. People are grieving from COVID-19. In many places it still isn't under control. As medical students, all you can do is persevere as you continue with your medical school education. Online, of course.

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How can you study medicine from home?

While you start this long-distance relationship with your med school, we have two tried and tested tips that will help you study medicine online. 

  1. 1. Structure your time

Not only do you need to identify what you want to study that day, but you should also prioritize your to-do list. For example, if you have a specific exam coming up, you know what is most important to study every day or what you need to spend more time on. Once you have your prioritized list, how do you manage your time?

The Pomodoro Technique is very popular amongst medical students for this reason, as it focuses on accomplishing tasks by working in blocks of 25 minutes ('pomodoros') with 5-minute breaks in between, rather than just going through a to-do list. Before you start, take your list and group the tasks by what you think can be accomplished in about 25 minutes at a time. Then start your timer and get to work: once you have completed four pomodoros, you can take a 20-30 minute break. This method helps you maximize your use of time, minimize procrastination, and keep track of precisely what you've accomplished. In addition, the 5-minute breaks between pomodoros help refresh your mind and allow it to reset before starting the next block.

2. Spaced repetition

Spaced repetition (also known as 'distributed repetition') urges students to study over a more extended period instead of cramming everything the night before. When the brain almost forgets something, it works harder to recall that information. Spacing out allows your mind to connect ideas and build upon the knowledge that can be easily remembered later.

Try this technique yourself. Review the videos or your notes, in the intervals similar to the schedule below:

  • Day 1: Learn the concept in an online class

  • ● Day 2: Revisit and review

  • Day 3: Revisit and review

  • ● After one week: Revisit and review

  • After two weeks: Revisit and review 

It's imperative to start planning early. At the beginning of each semester, schedule some time each day to study and review the new material. Even if your exams are months away, this will help you hold yourself accountable and stay prepared.

Learning and implementing these study techniques can ensure that you are fully prepared for your exams and help curve any looming exam anxiety. Hopefully, with the two methods stated above, you can avoid cramming information the night before.

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